Sim card in Singapore

I thought buying sim card in Singapore would be like Vietnam because of management policy, but I was wrong. In Vietnam, namely Tan Son Nhat Airport, you will have many choice in front of Arrival gate which cheaper than in the downtown. But Singapore is the opposite. My boyfriend said we should buy all tickets... Continue Reading →

8 hours transit through Hong Kong

On my flight go to Ho Chi Minh City from Tokyo, I had a chance to explore Hong Kong in 8 hours. The first you need to do is take airport maps at Information Desk and ask them how to go to departures level for transit passengers then follow the signs for ‘transfers’. It's a big airport... Continue Reading →


1. SHIBUYA - MUGIWARA STORE Open hours: 11am - 9pm It's on the 7th floor of Shibuya Marui Building and is one of four Mugiwara Stores in Japan. In addition to Shibuya, the stores are also available in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. I went there on end of 2015 and it was just a small store but Zoro was a big man... Continue Reading →


Kawagoe (or Koedo) is a town of history retaining culture and aroma of Edo. The old storehouse merchant houses are lined up, and the Toki-no-kane (Bell Tower) rings to tell the time. Take a stroll through the town in a kimono and you'll feel as if you've travelled back in time to ancient Edo. In Kawagoe, you can experience... Continue Reading →

How to move to Narita Aiport from Tokyo?

I will share to you 5 ways to move to Narita from Tokyo and vice versa I used below. 1. Narita Express Time: 1 hour Price: ¥3190 for downtown Tokyo (depend on your destination, detail here) Facilities: improved comfort with green car seat and ordinary car seat, universal design, improved security and large luggage space... Continue Reading →


Inokashira Park straddles Musashino and Mitaka in western Tokyo. Inokashira Pond and the Kanda River water source established during the Edo period, are the primary sources of the Kanda River. The park contains a petting zoo and a small aquarium, and is a place where vendors, musicians, artists and street performers gather. The park is bustling with crowds who... Continue Reading →

Mitaka Ghibli Museum

This is my first review / introduction (or something) about Tokyo where I am attached to for almost 2 years, Mitaka. Mitaka is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis (in the central Kantō region of Japan) which is often referred to as the countryside by peaceful, noiseless and not as busy as Tokyo's downtown. The... Continue Reading →

5 things about Kuala Lumpur

1. Traffic KL's famous modern transport city with subway, skytrain, highway, urban freeway. Othersides, KL is a city in traffic gridlock and chaos. If you like to walk in KL, beware of drivers. They will not give way to you as other developed cities. 2. Vehicles The train system in KL is fairly modern and efficient. Many of the... Continue Reading →

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