Inokashira Park straddles Musashino and Mitaka in western Tokyo. Inokashira Pond and the Kanda River water source established during the Edo period, are the primary sources of the Kanda River.

Source: @phpt093999 (Instagram)

The park contains a petting zoo and a small aquarium, and is a place where vendors, musicians, artists and street performers gather. The park is bustling with crowds who arrive to take in the lively environment on weekends and holidays, especially during the cherry blossom season when the entire park is overrun with visitors for hanami.

Hanami. Source: phpt093999

Getting there:

Nearest station is Inokashira-kouen Station (on Inokashira line) and Kichijouji Station (on JR Chuo line).


On the southwest end of Inokashira Park is the Ghibli Museum, a popular destination dedicated to the animated productions of Studio Ghibli.

Kichijouji Station area with a kind of food court called Harmonica.

Top tips:

→  I recommend you that you should go to Ghibli Museum first, then instead of heading back to Mitaka station, walk through the park to Kichijouji Station (also on the Chuo line). It takes about 30 minutes.

→  Around Kichijouji Station area has many clothe shop frequent promotion, may you pay some on it.


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