Mitaka Ghibli Museum

This is my first review / introduction (or something) about Tokyo where I am attached to for almost 2 years, Mitaka.

Mitaka is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis (in the central Kantō region of Japan) which is often referred to as the countryside by peaceful, noiseless and not as busy as Tokyo’s downtown. The highlight here is the Ghibli Museum, a place no stranger to those who love Castle in the Sky or Totoro or Grave of the Fireflies

From 1986 until his retirement in 2014, master animator Miyazaki Hayao and his Studio Ghibli (pronounced Jiburi) were responsible for some of the best-loved films in Japan – and the world. The most wellknown is the Academy Award-winning Spirited Away (2001). Miyazaki designed this museum himself, and it’s redolent of the fairy-tail atmosphere that makes his animations so enchanting.

The only catch:

Tickets must be purchased in advance, and you must choose the exact time and date you plan to visit, then buy them up to a month. Tickets are open on the 10th from 10am every month.

There are 3 ways to buy ticket:

  1. You can read information which explained in detail on the website to book your tickets (English and Japanese)
  2. Or purchase tickets from a kiosk at any LAWSON convenience store in Tokyo
  3. Or purchase tickets online through a travel agent before you arrive in Japan

Price: ¥1000 for adult, ¥100-700 for child

Open: 10am – 6pm Wed – Mon (it means close every Tue)

Don’t Miss:

The Theatre. An original 20 minutes animated short film plays in a small, whimsically decorated theatre inside the museum (you’ll get a ticket for this when you enter). It changes every season to keep fans coming back.

The Robot Soldier . Head up to the rooftop terrace – a delight in warmer weather – to see the 5m-tall sculpture of the robot soldier from the early Miyazaki film Laputa (1986)

Source: @phpt093999 (Instagram)

The Catbus on My Neighbor Totoro (1988). You’ll love giant plush cat bus that you can climb on if you are under 12s 😉


Getting There:

The simplest way to do this is by using Google Maps. Locate the GPS where you are (your location) and enter the destination of the Ghibli Museum. I always use google maps to look for strange places while in Japan while the Japanese use the app of Yahoo which harder for foreigners.

More specifically, if you are in Shinjuku, let’s take a JR Chuo line to Mitaka station (South exit) and walk a while. Or take a Keio line, transfer at Meidaimae to Inokashira line to Inokashira-kouen station and walk a while.


Inokashira-kouen (it means Inokashira Park, this park is close to my rent house). This is Tokyo’s oldest wild park; a place with great freshness and towering forest; very wide with forests, forest trails and lakes. Beauty cherry blossom blooming on both sides of the lake right now!

There is a bird coffee shop opposite the museum.

Top tip:

→  Tickets are limited and go fast (especially during the summer holiday). You can buy them up to 3 months in advance from travel agent.

→  Download a map from a website

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