How to move to Narita Aiport from Tokyo?

I will share to you 5 ways to move to Narita from Tokyo and vice versa I used below.

1. Narita Express

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Price: ¥3190 for downtown Tokyo (depend on your destination, detail here)
  • Facilities: improved comfort with green car seat and ordinary car seat, universal design, improved security and large luggage space

2. Keisei

  • There are Keisei Skyliner, Narita Sky Access Line and Keisei Main Line
  • Time: 36-41 minutes for Ueno and Nippori
  • Price: ¥2470 for Skyliner and fares differ via either the Narita Sky Access Line or Keisei Main Line depend on depart or arrive station (detail here)
  • Facilities: free wifi, open and spacious interior cabin, spacious vestibules, comfortable seats, storage space for luggage

3. Limousine Bus

  • Time: 85-120 minutes
  • Price: adult ¥3100, child ¥1550
  • You can search scheduled expected time here

4. Bus Shuttle

  • Pick up or take at Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station only
  • Time: 80 minutes
  • Price: ¥900

5. Tokyo Shuttle & Metro Bus

  • A set includes a Tokyo Subway 24-hour, 48-hour or 72-hour, and Keisei Skyliner tickets (one way or return), you can refer to the packages here
  • Time: 36-41 minutes for Ueno and Nippori
  • Price: from ¥2800 to ¥5400 for adult and ¥1400 to ¥2700 for child depend on which set you choose

Top tips:

→   You should find out in advance about train hours, train stop, how to go to your hotel, etc. with your expected landing time in case of no free wifi and you don’t want to pay for data only package at the airport

→   Google Maps is simplest way to use

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