Kawagoe (or Koedo) is a town of history retaining culture and aroma of Edo. The old storehouse merchant houses are lined up, and the Toki-no-kane (Bell Tower) rings to tell the time. Take a stroll through the town in a kimono and you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled back in time to ancient Edo. In Kawagoe, you can experience the traditional and pure Japan which you can’t see in Tokyo. Why not visit the temples and learn about historical heritage, fill up on Japanese food at an authentic Japanese restaurant, and spend time relaxing and absorbing the feeling of Edo?

I really did not have any preparation to go there yesterday. Avoid a man who is deliberately flirting me and the enthusiasm-of-a-Michiko took me to Kawagoe.

Top sight

Nakacho. You’ll see many many noren and many people queue long just to enjoy grilled meat skewers charcoal, pickled cucumbers, matcha warabimochi, mochi dango with a sauce that mixed soy sauce and sugar and other traditional foods.

Entrance fee: free

Getting there

From Shinjuku, you can take a train of Yamanote line to go Ikebukuro (line 15) then transfer to Tojo line. There are Rapid Express, Rapid, Express and Semi Express. I recommend you choose Rapid Express for fastest (within 30minutes). 

Source: tobu.co.jp

​Price one way: ¥630. Or you can buy Kawagoe Discount Pass at Ikebukuro Central 1 Ticket Gate, Central 2 Ticket Gate, Tobu Top Tours, or South Ticket Gate with price ¥950 including round trip between Ikebukuro and Kawagoe or Kawagoeshi, unlimited city travel on buses and special offers at the 10 shops.

Source: tobu.co.jp

 Top tips:

→  All store and restaurant will be closed at 6pm or sooner and you should complete your plan before that time.

→  Pay attention bus hours run. I didn’t and had no bus to return station, had to walk a while.

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