I have had the opportunity in Japan for 2 years and I want to share to the world about this nice country. Whether in the countryside or in the city, Japan always has an unforgettable beauty. You won’t regret your visit here. Let me help you plan an affordable trip to Japan!

Typical Cost

Accommodation – Most hostels will charge between ¥1,500-4,000 per night for a dorm room. Capsule hotels cost between ¥2,000-5,500 for a tiny little room. You will pay from around ¥5,500 for a single privacy room. The price of accommodation in the big cities is significantly higher than if you were to travel off the beaten path.  You can use filter feature of any booking online websites to choose your right hotel.

Food – Cheapest food is dumplings in 7-eleven. Or you can try normal Japanese meals: rice set or ramen, curry, donbury at some restaurant chains such as Sukiya, Matsuya, Hidakaya, Yoshinoda… with price from ¥380. Sushi trains cost between ¥100-450 per dish 2 pieces. Fast food is around ¥800.

How to save money

  • Visit the free attractions
  • Get a JR Pass
  • Take the night bus for long distance
  • Shop at the ¥100 ($1 USD) stores
  • Eat at 7-Eleven
  • Eat curry, ramen, and donburi at restaurant chains
  • Buy food at night at supermarket from 8pm


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